Reasons why im a bad friend:

• i get too attached

• i will complain about all my problems to you

i will snap at you by accident one day, causing you to hate me

i need to be reassured periodically CONSTANTLY that you dont think im annoying

• i am annoying

• im boring

• i dont know how to keep the conversation going

• i get emotional after midnight and will probably tell you something that could make you think differently of me



List of Favourite People - Dylan O’Brien

“I think that he has a natural talent. He has a certain charm and that charisma that is very rare in an actor. I see a lot of young actors in this business and I have a lot of friends. I try to give my friends chances on the show like one-liners or bringing them in for auditions. Some of them are good and some of them are typical actors, but when you find someone like Dylan O’Brien, who has this charisma, it is just unquantifiable that now you’ve got a star. It doesn’t surprise me. I think he’s got a huge career ahead of him. I think he will be like winning Oscars. It would not surprise me. Look at Leonardo DiCaprio who started in a TV show when he was a teenager, Growing Pains. He had that same charisma.” - Jeff Davis on Dylan O’Brien